Types of Lubricants and the Functions They Serve

best water based lube are used to make sexual activity more enjoyable, for both men and women. Whether having intercourse or masturbating, many people find that their naturally occurring lubrication is not sufficient to give them the most pleasurable experience they could achieve at that moment.

This dryness could be due to many factors: stress, recent childbirth, fatigue, rigorous exercise, and antihistamines, anti-depressants, and other medication. Menopause could also be a factor, as lowered estrogen levels lessen a woman’s ability to produce vaginal lubrication. Anal sex, whether hetero- or homosexual, also necessitates the use of “lubes,” as this area of the body does not secrete any moisturizing agent during arousal.

Aside from an increase in arousal and pleasure, lubricants are also important in preventing condom breakage. Lack of lubrication has been found to be the number one reason condoms tear, bringing the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

There are several types available in the market today. The first, and most popular, are the water-based lubes, known for its smoothness and ease in cleaning or washing. This type is good for people with sensitive skin.

Second is the silicone type, which is also popular, but cannot be used with silicone-based sex toys. Since it does not wash off in water, this is a good choice for fun in a pool or in the ocean.

Oli-based lubes, on the other hand are the most commonly used type. However, they are not compatible with latex condoms and can cause breakage. They can however leave stains and cause irritation for people who have sensitive skin.

It is important to note that lubricants do not function as contraceptives, and it is advisable to pair them with condoms or birth control pills, to prevent pregnancy. It also does not prevent the transmission of STDs.

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