Apartment Deep Cleaning Planning

Getting ready to proceed to a brand new apartment is both tiring and thrilling. To start with you begin designing the new place, you need to deal with condo move-out cleaning at the old one.

Except if you’re just truly into house cleaning, apartment cleaning isn’t enjoyable. On the other hand, it’s important. All things considered, your security down payment is dependent upon it. Below you’ll find six apartment move-out cleaning tips that can help you complete the job correct.


Time is a vital aspect with regards to apartment deep move-out cleaning. You’ve got a set length of time to make your old home sparkle before getting into your new house. Furthermore, you’ll have to depart sufficient time for your property manager to execute a walk-through in order to get your deposit back. Set workable deadlines on your own, therefore every little thing gets finished within this short timeframe. And write due dates right down to give yourself a visual representation of the progress you’re making as you work.

  1. Look At Your LEASE

Some flats, particularly those in historic buildings or districts, solely prohibit the use of certain cleaning products. Believe that your landlord knows the facts of the framework much better than you, and don’t even think of using taboo products. You don’t want to harm floors or pipes, as doing this costs you even more than your safety down payment.


Your landlord will be conducting a figurative white-glove test prior to going, and is going to be well conscious of the nooks and crannies that might slip your mind. So when creating your apartment cleaning checklist, make sure to do the following:

  • Apartment Cleaning Checklist
  • Clean forgotten upper shelves of closets and cabinets
  • Polish faucets in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Scour the backsplash and wall next to the stove (Hello, spaghetti sauce splatters.)
  • Dust ceiling fans, windowsills and the tops of baseboards
  • Wipe down the magnetic strip on fridge and freezer doors
  • Clear dust bunnies from standing or window AC units
  • Empty lint traps and wipe down washers and dryers
  • Sweep outdoor areas, like porches and steps (It’s so easy to forget the outside.)

If your apartment’s carpeted surfaces have taken a beating since you moved in, it may be worth it to deep clean your carpeting . Do your best to remove pet stains before your deep clean, and give carpeted rooms a thorough vacuuming. You can opt to rent a carpet-cleaning machine and do the job yourself. But if you’re worried about time constraints or possibly damaging the carpet, you can also hire a professional carpet-cleaning service.

Arm yourself with these tips and a little elbow grease, and you should have no problem getting your apartment ready for your landlord’s scrutiny. And before you know it, your apartment move-out cleaning will be a distant memory.

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